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Recycle Where You Work

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Revolution RecyclingRecycle where YOU work in Southern Illinois!

Any kind of office or business that generates recyclable material can have recycling service today!

We can provide service to offices, restaurants, wineries, schools, libraries, veterinarians, bakeries, architects, churches, banks, all kinds of retail, bars, nursing homes, apartment buildings, campgrounds, hair salons, inns and more!

Convenient rolling carts with lids are large enough to hold plenty of stuff and easy to wheel around if you want to! And you can choose and adjust the number of carts to fit your volume and space.

Revolution RecyclingPlease call (877) 316-1776 to request a quote.

Most enjoy weekly service at $3 per cart. Our dual stream recycling program, means you may only need two carts to cover all of your recycled materials. Cardboard and various paper products can be combined in one cart, while aluminum, steel, plastic and glass can be combined in another.

On call service works bests for some, and twice per week service is currently available in Carbondale.

Cart service is available in most parts of Jackson, Union and Williamson counties.

Revolution RecyclingGot a bigger workplace? Looking for a public drop off option for your city?

You can use our roll-off containers for large volumes, or if you are out of range of our cart services. Roll-off containers give you generous outside storage capacity in about a standard parking space footprint. They are clean and covered, all steel containers with easy to use doors on the side and easy to understand instructions. Routine service can be scheduled, or call-in as needed.

Factories, large apartment buildings, parks, or use as a public drop-off for your city our county!

Call (877) 316-1776 for a free on-site assessment and quote!

Recycling Made Simple! 

Dual Stream Recycling simplifies the recycling process. Two carts may be all you need to begin recycling where you work!











We ask that you please do not attempt to recycle any of the following items listed here:

Light Bulbs
Fluorescent Bulbs

Food Waste
Vinyl Siding
Plastic Hose
Plastic Pipe

Plastic Pools
Plastic Hangars
Plastic Toys

Window Glass
Drinking Glass
Ceramic Dishes
Plastic Caps or Lids
Frozen Juice Cans

Shortening Cans
Biscuit Tubes
Juice Pouches